Exclusive Reveler's Festival

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Exclusive Reveler's Festival.jpg

Exclusive Reveler's Festival is the $10,000 crowdfunding campaign backer level. It is limited to 10 backers.


The following backer rewards are included:

Community rewards

  • Backer Forum Badge
  • Developer's thanks

Digital rewards

Physical rewards

  • Collector's album box based on the classic Bard's Tale box
  • Premier signed collector's edition box
  • Extremely limited hand-carved reliquary box numbered for authenticity
  • Printed game manual
  • CD soundtrack
  • Cloth map
  • Printed artbook
  • Printed songbook

In-game rewards

  • Your name and message in the game's backer credits
  • Beta access
  • Alpha access
  • Your name on the Standing Stones of Gratitude
  • Work with designers to create a weapon, piece of armor, or usable item
  • Your face 3D modeled and made into an NPC in a main tavern
  • Attend the game's launch party
  • Social media love and support